Marketing & Social Media

Our mission is to elevate artists' careers and amplify their impact by implementing innovative and targeted strategies. We strive to create a strong online presence, foster engaging connections with fans.

What we do?

Amplify brand's reach

Leverage our expertise to expand your brand's visibility across multiple platforms and engage a wider audience.

Boost streaming

Tap into our data-driven marketing techniques to increase your music's streaming numbers and drive album and merchandise sales.

Maximize fan engagement

Utilize our strategic approach to connect with your fans on a deeper level, fostering long-term loyalty and support.

Secure partnerships

Benefit from our industry connections and negotiation skills to land valuable collaborations and endorsement deals that elevate your musical career.

Our services

Release Strategies

We help you plan and execute tactics to maximize the impact and reach of your music when made available to the public, ensuring optimal exposure and engagement. We help you master the art of timing and tactics, crafting an unforgettable musical journey that will leave everyone craving for more.


We use paid advertising channels and platforms to promote your music or brand, leveraging targeted campaigns and sponsored content to reach a wider audience and generate greater visibility.


We plan strategies aimed at nurturing and advancing your career as an artist, facilitating your development, expanding your fanbase, and increasing your influence within the industry.


Implement tactics to effectively utilize social media platforms, harnessing their power to engage fans, build a strong online presence, and amplify your music. From engaging posts to viral challenges, we help you build an electrifying presence, forge connections with fans, and make your music the soundtrack of the social media universe.


We collaborate with personalities in the online space who have a significant audience and leverage their reach and credibility to promote your music, gaining exposure to new audiences and enhancing brand awareness.


We help you cultivate and manage your brand identity, encompassing visual aesthetics, messaging, and overall persona, with the goal of shaping a distinct and recognizable image that resonates with the target audience.


We create high-quality music videos that visually complement your music, aiming to captivate viewers, tell a compelling story, and enhance the overall listening experience.


You’ll have a squad of creative masterminds by your side, helping you shape your artistic vision into a supernova of brilliance. From brainstorming innovative ideas to refining your brand, we’ll guide you on a magical journey towards artistic greatness, ensuring cohesive branding, effective messaging, and the development of innovative ideas to stand out in a competitive landscape.